Customer Service Focused Ethanol Lab Supply Company is U.S. Veteran-Owned,
Supports American Energy Independence

Girard, OH – (June 3rd, 2021) – Enertech Solutions, an ethanol lab supplier based in the Midwest, has recently announced their launch of a completely re-developed website featuring easy-to-use online ordering and expanded product offerings.

Enertech’s new site, still located at https://www.enertechonline.com/, provides both existing customers and new visitors with a streamlined user experience that makes ordering the company’s expansive product offerings – including ethanol lab supplies, mobile phase products, standards and chemicals – a transaction that can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Enertech has long been known for their hyper-responsive and personalized customer service featuring competitive pricing, minimized backorder issues and on-time delivery. However, after recently conducting a thorough research study of both customers and prospects, Enertech learned that ethanol lab managers also valued the convenience of online ordering.

“We found that lab managers yearned for a simple, easy online ordering process with high quality product photography, product descriptions, and part numbers,” explained Jeff Smith, owner of Enertech. “This new website is yet another step in making the lives of lab managers easier and falls in lockstep with our promise of superior customer service.”

On the revamped site, existing clients can view pricing with their login credentials and order directly to their doorstep. New visitors have the option to either sign up for an account or request a quote for one or more products by adding them to their ‘quote cart.’ Enertech will also continue to offer customers the option of ordering via email or phone call.

Smith developed a passion for serving the domestic ethanol industry during his long military career. He completed several tours throughout the Middle East and even commanded an Army Military Police Company. Throughout this time oversees, Smith developed an understanding of the importance of energy independence for the United States and the central role it serves in our economic success and national security.

“I realized energy independence needed to be a national priority, and I wanted to do my part to contribute to that goal,” said Smith, who now serves the domestic ethanol industry every single day.

Smith is especially proud that while very competitively priced, the accuracy and performance quality of Enertech’s mobile phase products match or exceed those of any others in the industry.

“Our mobile phase chemistry and manufacturing is overseen by Dan Biggerstaff, Ph.d,” says Smith. “Dan’s expertise and oversight of our state-of-the-art production lab means our customers can have total quality assurance in our product.”

To check out Enertech’s new website for yourself, visit www.enertechonline.com.

For more information, contact:
Cindy Wade